Built by a hard-working family and Texas-sized dreams, Christi’s Fireworks continues to help you celebrate family, freedom, hard work and community.

In the summer of 1980 the Cameron family moved from Plano to Van Alstyne, Texas.  Moving away from city life and into the country afforded Pat Cameron, Christi’s dad, the opportunity to pursue his dream of opening a fireworks stand with the help of two of his young children; 12 year old Christi included.  

That first summer they sold fireworks on consignment.  Much to Christi’s disappointment, they only made a quarter on the first day of sales, but over the next few days things started to look up, and they ended up selling out of their product.  Christi was hooked and Christi’s Fireworks was born. 

The original location of the business was on Hwy 5 just north of what is now the Van Alstyne Middle School.  It was small walk-up stand on the west side of the road.  After a few years in this location, Pat bought some land on Hwy 75 and Farmington Road, or Exit 52 on the north bound service road, through an auction.  

Moving to such a prime location made them feel like they were big time.  At the new location, the moveable stands turned into a permanent walk up stand otherwise known as the fruit stand because there was once a gentleman that sold produce there.  

In the early 2000’s Christi expanded and added another location a mile north of Van Alstyne on the same service road.  During those years Christi’s customers could shop two locations.   In 2017, Christi took another step and decided to consolidate the two small locations and expanded the business by building an indoor superstore, in signature red, at the original location at Exit 52.  

Today Christi’s customers can shop in the comfort of the air conditioning, viewing product and even watching videos on a tv screen!  It’s come a long way from a fruit stand on the side of the road.  

While Christi has handled the operation and ownership of the business it has always been a family affair and could not have been successful without the help of Pat and Patricia, Christi’s parents.  More help has come from Christi’s siblings and many other friends and extended family who have helped throughout the years. 

Twenty twenty marks 40 years for Christi’s Fireworks.  A dream established.